Espresso Caffeinated Soap

Espresso Caffeinated Soap

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Wake up your skin and your senses with Espresso!  Made with organic espresso and ground beans. This is an ultra rich Shea and Coco butter soap with exfoliation that’s tough on stubborn odors, dirt and grease yet it's suitable for all skin types.

Each loaf batch or our Espresso starts with 6 Full Shots of Organic Coffee, then we add the Coffee Grounds back in to aid as a natural gentle exfoliator.
Caffeine contains antioxidants, it is used in a number of anti-aging products. In fact, Indonesians have long used coffee in spa body scrubs.
It is Caffeine's natural ability to vaso-constrict small blood vessels and reduce inflammation is an asset in a number of creams. These same anti-inflammatory qualities serve caffeine well as an ingredient in cellulite creams
The Scent of the Coffee bar is a great way to start your day or if you simply need to cover up a strong odor (Like your Hands after a fishing trip). This is the bar for you.

Homeopathic uses include:

Invigorating, awakens the senses,& relieves stress. Caffeine has been known to localize metabolism, perk up the skin,& reduce puffiness & swelling.

Ingredients: Shea and cocoa butters, palm kernel, coconut oil, avocado, olive, castor and grape seed oils, fragrance,brewed espresso shots, espresso beans,water, kaolin clay. 
Sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate