Bubbling Bubble Bars!

Bubbling Bubble Bars!

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Enjoy one of the most decadent bubble baths available.  Infused with natural essential oils and natural oils designed to nourish your skin this is bath time perfected. 

With the therapeutic goodness of our bath bombs and all the fun too! These bars can certainly make bath time lots of fun for all ages. Safe for children, infants and sensitive skin.

Fox Island Trading Co. Bubble bars will create a lot of bubbles, and sometimes, you don't even need to use the entire bar to get a decent amount.

Start filling Your tub with water. Use a temperature that is most comfortable for you.

Crumble the bar under the running tap. The bar will start to melt in your hand and release its scent and/or color. The tub will begin to fill with thick, fluffy bubbles.

The stronger the water flow, the more bubbles you'll get.

Get into the tub, and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. Light some candles, turn on some music, or read a book.

Mother Rain  A fresh water scent like after a summer rain.  The smell actually has a name. It's called "petrichor," from the Greek words "petra," meaning "stone," and "ichor," which refers to the fluid that flows like blood in the veins of the gods

Lavender Mintlavender essential oils and fresh peppermint and spearmint make up this refreshing scent designed to awaken the scenes and give a fresh outlook. 

Strawberry & Vanilla Cream - One of the most popular products in our offerings; this product uses food grade vanilla extract and strawberry flavoring to create one of the most beautiful scent combinations.  this aromatic scent has a fun a luxurious smell that is perfect to bring you back to your childhood.  Enjoy for any special occasion, great for kids, teenagers, men and women. 

Rose Blossom- Just like it sounds, take a bath with the most luxurious fresh rose scent made with pure Rose essential oil.