Badger Hair Shave Brush

Badger Hair Shave Brush

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Fox Island Shaving Brush is an fundamental key to achieving the ultimate shave. Shaving Brushes serve a triple function. First they create a creamy lather from shaving soaps and creams. Second function is the lift the hair of the surface of the skin to create a cleaner shave in one pass and third function is to exfoliate to the skin and help create a healthy glow.

While there are generally 4 types of hair that you can get for your shaving brush, we at Fox Island have decided to only use the best. Fox Island Shaving brushes are made with Badger hair for its superior quality and longevity as well as the best for retaining water and heat allowing for a better lather.


  •  100% Pure Genuine Badger Hair
  •   Acrylic handle 



Step 1: Soak the Shaving Brush
The first thing you need to do, is soak your shaving brush in warm water.
Step 2: Remove Excess Water from Shaving Brush. drain, squeeze, and/or shake the excess water out of your shaving brush. If you have too much water in the brush, it’ll make for thin, frothy, lather. Not enough water and it will be hard to develop lather at all.
How wet the brush should be will vary by what brush you’re using. In general, one or two good, firm squeezes and/or a good, single shake should be fine.
Step 3: Load Shaving Brush with Shaving Soap. Fox Island Shaving Soap is design to be used directly in the tin. Do not try to remove. Gently swirl the brush around on the surface of the soap — until you notice a good creamy lather start to form. You alternate the swirl direction (between clockwise and counter-clockwise) every few moments to help work the lather into the brush’s bristles.
Step 4: Apply Shaving Lather to Face
Paint your face with the lather using the shaving brush. You can use back-and-forth strokes, up-and-down strokes, swirly strokes, or a combination.