Perfect Shave Kit

Perfect Shave Kit

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Here is you chance to get the perfect shave.  Considering that we are absolutely fanatical about skin we developed our products to nourish, heal, and pamper your skin.  

this kit comes completely customized with persons name burned on the wooden box but also you can personalize it with any of the 6 men's scents that we carry on hand.

The perfect shave kit is designed around the perfect shave that is 3 simple step. 

Step 1 - Pre Shave - Softens the hair and prepares the skin for a close shave

Step 2 - Classic Lathering shave soap with Brush - Designed to do what most men don't normally do.  treat your skin, exfoliate the skin, and leave soft and touchable

Step 3 - Bay Rum Classic Splash - Bay Rum not only smells amazing, especially blended with our combinations of essential oils, but it will seal your skin leaving all that goodness from our product right inside. 

Matching body and facial soap to treat the rest of you as well.

Brush is made of the finest high quality long hair badger hair for better water retention and smoother and faster lather. 

If you'd like your kit to come with a safety razor, please add that to your cart before checkout.